July 2015 – Perfect Harmony

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July 2014 – Marketing Initiatives from Creative Displays

Creative Displays has launched new twitter and Facebook pages to help showcase the capabilities of the Company. This goes hand in hand with the development of new marketing material to help give potential customers a better understanding of what Creative Displays can do for them.


Matt Cater, the head of Creative Displays said, “We spend the majority of our time working on developing our customers brand images, so it is great to take a little time once in a while to do a little work developing our own brand”.

December 2013 - New appointment Director of Business Development

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Edwards who will be joining the business as Director of Corporate Development.


Brian is an accomplished business leader who has spent a number of years operating at board level in a range of manufacturing companies from major international businesses to privately owned and financed SME companies. Brian specialises in business strategy, identifying new markets and business growth. Former appointments include Managing Director of Lloyd Loom of Spalding Ltd the niche furniture producer and Managing Director of Label Express Ltd, a producer of high quality retail brand product labels.'


Brian has considerable experience in manufacturing and is an experienced business consultant having worked with a consultancy group of around 60 consultants. We are therefore delighted that he will be joining us as we continue to drive the business forward.

November 2013 - Creative Displays are working with exciting new start up speaker brand 'iBox Style' to produce demo displays
We have been challenged by exciting new start up speaker brand iBox Style, to design and manufacture a stand to display their new speaker. We are proud that we are being trusted to display their product upon launch into the market, and explored various screen printed acrylic options. However, we have decided to settle on a metal version which compliments the speaker when powder coated in a matte black. We are due to roll out 100 units over the next week, which go straight into high street electrical retailers.
January 2013 - Creative Displays have successfully won the POP display business for Monster DNA headphone launch
The bespoke DNA demo unit should be in production at the end of the month ready for launch in a few weeks. The brief went out to more than seven companies globally, so competition was hard fought. Creative Displays won the contract to manufacture the display after designing a twin headphone display. This display can be seen within the 'Electrical' section of our gallery.
September 2012 - Creative Displays develops new soundboard for Inspiration and Diamond Tears Demo Units
Briefed with developing a new and bespoke eye catching demo, Creative Displays are designing and manufacturing a unit that incorporates a soundboard with both active and passive capabilities with high powered LED's to be used with both the Inspiration and Diamond Tears Brands.


It is a huge leap from previous displays that only encased small MP3 players. With five and seven button options we will pre-load music onto an SD card within the soundboard ready for the customer to sample at their leisure.
June 2012 - Creative Displays set to make 38,000 laminate, real wood and engineered sample panels for B&Q
Creative Displays have just completed an initial phase of trial stores, before making the full allocation of panels for the remainder of the B&Q estate. Over 700 pallets of raw product is being stored, before being manufactured into sample panels ready for individual store picks and deliveries.
May 2012 - Creative Sampling has extended factory capacity
Following another record year for the sampling division, Creative Sampling has moved to a bigger premises. The new premises will allow for all of the machinery to be in the same place as well as increasing efficiency, product management and storage capacity.  
March 2012 - Diesel set to launch Vektr Headphones using a demo unit designed and manufactured by Creative Displays

Creative Displays have been working closely with both the Monster product team in the US and Diesel in Italy to develop a demo unit to display the Vektr headphones. The unit users an active soundboard incorporated into the base of the unit to delivery HD quality music through the headphones. Demos to be in all Worldwide Diesel Flagship stores by the end of the month.


Visit the 'Electrical' section of our gallery to see this Diesel display as well as other products we have designed and manufactured for Diesel.

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